Social Media

Social Media marketing is essential to reach your audience. You can quickly let them know of updates with your business and show them any new or exciting products or services you offer. It’s never been easier to speak directly to your customers – but you need a plan.

There are two paths: Organic and Paid.

For organic, content is key, and sharing relevant content will help grow your audience on social media, expanding the reach of your message. Giving your social media followers the ability to share your content can help draw in new customers, so you want to make sure that the posts you make are clear, concise and branded perfectly.

Here are some tips and an example post:

  • Short videos of products or services
  • High quality images
  • Branded and proofread copy or post text
  • Clear calls to action

Implementing these tactics can take your social media accounts from bland to expressive and fromĀ irrelevant to cutting edge. Unlike paid ads, these pieces of content are only served to your followers, so they generally don’t get the amount of traffic the paid ads do.

For the paid side, we can help develop the advertisement. Video ads, photo ads and simple copy can make your paid marketing stand out. After the ad is developed we do the targeting. This is where it gets exciting, at least for us! This is a fluid process where we can change and update our target audience as time goes on to ensure we are serving the ads to the right audience, your audience.

Paid social media ads are the best option for reaching new customers that don’t already follow you. Ads show up in their timeline or are served in video format on affiliated sites to help spread the word of your business. A little goes a long way when it comes to social ads. It’s one of the most under priced markets right now.

Here’s an example:

As you can see the paid ads generally get much more traffic. This is great for getting new customers and clients. Like we said before, a little goes a long way in today’s market.

It might seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help with all of this. Creating videos, photographing products and developing relevant content is what we do. So spark some excitement in your social media and contact us today for a consultation!